Myoelectric prosthetic hand solution based on low-cost MCU MC9S08QE

Medical prostheses are expensive to design. How to choose the most economical solution for the product is a difficult problem for designers. MC9S08QE is a cost-effective general-purpose low-power MCU. It has a small package and rich features. It provides excellent investment protection for the solution, so it is very suitable for myoelectric prosthetic hand (MHP) applications. Please see the introduction […]

Design of master-slave dual-CPU processor platform based on TMS320VC5402 and single-chip microcomputer

“The DSP and the single-chip microcomputer constitute a dual-CPU processor platform, which can make full use of the processing capability of the DSP for large-capacity data and complex algorithms, as well as the control capability of the single-chip microcomputer interface. The fast and correct communication between the DSP and the single-chip computer is the key issue of constructing a dual-CPU […]

TSMC 5nm wafer estimated price exposure: close to $17,000

Not surprisingly, with each new manufacturing technology, wafers become more and more expensive, as nodes tend to require more capital. TSMC’s latest N5 (5nm) manufacturing process appears particularly expensive per wafer because it’s new, but its Transistor density makes it especially suitable for chips with high transistor counts. Prominent semiconductor blogger RetiredEngineer published a table listing hypothetical chip sales prices […]

Solution Analysis of Bandwidth Mismatch Problem of Interleaved ADC

“Bandwidth mismatch between interleaved ADCs should be a difficult mismatch problem for designers. As shown in Figure 1, bandwidth mismatch has gain and phase/frequency components. This makes solving the bandwidth mismatch problem more difficult because it has two components from other mismatch parameters: gain and timing mismatch. “ Bandwidth mismatch between interleaved ADCs should be a difficult mismatch problem for […]

Hongmeng has over 320 million users!Yu Chengdong does what he says and completes the goal ahead of schedule

Since HarmonyOS 2.0 was officially released on June 2 this year, everyone has seen the rapid development of the Hongmeng system, with an average daily development of more than 1 million users. So we can see that Hongmeng broke through 50 million, then 100 million, then 150 million, and then 200 million… It has created a new record that has […]

Mendix empowers application business process automation to proactively address future management challenges

“In a 2020 Gartner research report, Gartner asked CEOs interviewed to list their concerns about the future of team management, with outdated workflows cited as the number one challenge in future management. Businesses need to simplify tedious business processes, digitize paper-based workflows or automate manual work. And these moves previously meant a lot of development work, complex programming and system […]

Briefly describe the types and installation of solar street light energy storage batteries

“In the daily life, it is often seen that solar street lights are used as lighting tools on both sides of the road. However, from the appearance, you will not see the battery with energy storage, only the solar Panel that collects solar energy, but at night, the power of the energy storage battery will be used to provide electricity […]

Micron’s low-power DDR5 DRAM chips help Motorola’s new flagship smartphone edge+ improve performance and user experience

Shanghai, China, April 23, 2020 – Micron Technology Inc. (Micron Technology, Inc., NASDAQ: MU), a leading provider of memory and storage solutions, and Motorola today announced that Motorola’s new motorola The edge+ smartphone is already equipped with Micron’s low-power DDR5 (LPDDR5) DRAM chips, bringing users a complete 5G experience. Micron and Motorola have worked closely together to enable edge+ phones […]

Micron’s fastest memory for modern data centers-HBM2E

“Data centers are constantly evolving to solve the challenges of storing, moving, and analyzing data quickly and efficiently. To a large extent, its continuous development is driven by the four high-performance application trends shown below. “ Author: Bill Randolph, Micron Global Video Memory Business Director Data centers are constantly evolving to solve the challenges of storing, moving, and analyzing data […]

Global semiconductor spending in 2019 exceeds $418.3 billion, who is the biggest buyer

Recently, the US market research firm Gartner released the list of the “Top 10 Global semiconductor Buyers in 2019″. The list shows that the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) lowered their semiconductor spending in 2019, driven by a general economic slowdown and lower memory chip prices. Among them, the top three are Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Apple: Apple’s semiconductor […]